Customer Resource Center



Dip-Tech’s international Customer Resource Center enables you to achieve the most from your investment. Dip-Tech is the only digital glass printer supplier that provides technical, graphic and design support, in addition to marketing assistance and business development cooperation for generating leads and winning new projects and clients.

360 Support

Customer support

Technical Support - 

Supporting our Client’s Success


  • Maximize production quality 
  • Multilingual support, training and installations
  • 24/7 support
Graphics support

Graphic Support - 

Transforming design ideas into printed reality


• Comprehensive onsite training
• Smooth start to production
• Ongoing support for complex projects

Marketing support

Marketing Support - 

Promote your business with Dip-Tech


  • Benefit from Dip-Tech's business network
  • Promote your business within the glass industry
  • Short time to marketing with sales and marketing tool kit
Business development

Business Development Support - 

Expand and develop your business


  • Build project leads and architect relationships
  • Cooperation with architects throughout projects
  • Professional tools for architects





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