NEraD Printers

Premium-quality results with extraordinary throughput

Dip-Tech is proud to present New-era technology which delivers premium quality results with extraordinary throughput. The NEra is opening new horizons in glass printing technology.

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Exclusive NEra D Advantages

  • Versatile printing carriage enables a seamless multi-application process
    • Print different applications without changing ink tanks or other setup changes
    • Easily switch between fast single-color patterns to full-color photo-realistic prints
  • Up to 12 ink channels for increased production flexability
    • New Era Technology delivers top-quality results with exceptionally high throughput
    • High resolution – up to 1410 dpi
    • Variable drop size allowing high image quality & flexibility for any application
    • Automated ink recirculation in the print head optimizes ink condition for smooth
      and consistent high-speed printing
  • The SPECTRUM Sense inks complement NEra D Technology -delivering
    a quantum leap in glass appearance
  • Automatic fast color change system






Single color Dots

Single color dots & lines

Up to 400 Sqm/hr

Multi color

Multi color patterns

Up to 270 Sqm/hr


Photorealistic images

Up to 80 Sqm/hr


Key Specifications

  NEra - D150 NEra - D250 NEra - D300 NEra - D460
Maximum glass size 2800 / 3300 x 4000 or 2800 / 3300 x 6000 (mm)
# of Channels 6 8 12 12
Minimum glass size 400 x 400 (mm) 
Glass thickness 2-19 (mm) 




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