The Dip-Tech Story

Our story began over 17 years ago when a focused team of visionary entrepreneurs, seasoned industry experts and leading academics came together with a bold objective: to digitalize the ancient endeavor of printing on glass.

Within a few years we developed our first digital printers and ceramic inks based on patented technologies, basically creating the digital glass printing industry. Initially targeting glass processors in the automotive sector, we expanded our solutions to also serve the architecture, appliance and dinnerware markets.

Over the years we became the first company to deliver a complete offering for digital printing featuring specialized digital printers, vividly colored ceramic inks, cutting-edge software and worldwide support. We have established ourselves as the market and innovation leader with some 350 state-of-the-art digital printers installed across the globe.

Our passionate personnel are dedicated to understanding and anticipating the business and technical needs of glass processors. Partnering with our customers, we provide 360° support services and marketing tools to help them ramp-up quickly and maximize their investment in digital glass printing.

In 2017, Dip-Tech was strategically acquired by Ferro, a leading global supplier of technology-based functional coatings and color solutions. Leveraging our synergies with Ferro, Dip-Tech has the technical expertise, financial stability and worldwide support capabilities required to continue providing best-of-class digital printing solutions today and tomorrow.

Looking ahead, Dip-Tech is strategically positioned to lead the digitalization of the functional and decorative coating markets, thereby empowering a world where manufacturers are free to create novel products of unimagined functionality and design.

our customers talk


Dip-Tech technology has expanded our range of design offering solutions to our customers. It gives us more choices of expression for any graphic design, by changing colors or level of transparency, and more. With Dip-Tech, our customers can get what they really want.

SANSHIBA (Japan), Michi Yamamoto, SANSHIBA graphic design team

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Impala Glass Industries (Kenya)

Dip-Tech technique provides an unmatched quality and durability for the architectural glass. During the tempering process, ceramic frits are infused into the glass itself, providing the work with powerful resistance to scratching, acid, UV light and weather which really excites our clients knowing we have brought such solutions to address their problem

Impala Glass Industries (Kenya), Mr. H.S.Hebatullah, Director

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Toughglaze UK Ltd (UK)

We have many new products under development and feel sure Dip-Tech with its latest technology, correct support, training and guidance will be part of the company’s development to satisfy our customer’s vision. Toughglaze and Dip-Tech formed a relationship since 2011 and have completed many projects using this advanced technology.

Toughglaze UK Ltd (UK), Bharat Varsani, CEO

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