Dip-Tech quality, environmental and safety policies

Dip-Tech Ltd. have decided to continue to improve the quality of the company’s work through the application and implementation of international standards requirements:

Quality management - ISO 9001, Environmental management ISO 14001 and Health and Safety management ISO45001.

The guiding principles are:

  • Focusing on the customer - Dip-Tech promises to do the utmost to understand the customer’s needs and to tailor the product and service according to these needs.
  • Leadership - the company's management has taken upon itself to be involved in, to manage and follow up on quality, safety and environmental systems, by sharing and consulting with employees, openness to receive feedback and adherence to work according to the organization's procedures.
  • Stakeholders - the company will work to understand the needs and expectations of stakeholders, such as: customers, suppliers, shareholders, authorities, etc. while dealing with their requirements and responding to their needs. While addressing requirements and meeting needs, including customer satisfaction.
  • Systematic approach to management - we will work to identify, understand, and manage processes which are linked to each other as a system and contribute to the organization’s effectiveness by achieving its goals.
  • Continuous improvement - the company will work to set periodic goals, and to continuously improve of the organization’s performance in accordance with these goals.
  • Preventing risks of quality, safety and the environment and realizing opportunities for improvement.
  • Factual approach to decision-making - effective decisions based on analysis of data and information.
  • Strengthening relationships with suppliers - working together with suppliers, based on mutual benefit for both parties, will bring added value to both sides in the long term.
  • Compliance with legal requirements - the company will do all it can to comply with laws, orders, rulings and regulatory requirements.
  • Environmental conservation - the company will work to reduce damaging impact on the environmental by reducing the consumption of non-renewable resources, preventing pollution and developing sustainable products.
  • Maintaining health and safety in the workplace - the company will work to reduce and continually prevent risks and hazards that its employees and guests are exposed to, while maintaining the health of its employees.

These policies will be distributed to employees, be made available to stakeholders, and will undergo a management review once a year to ensure the continued suitability to the organization’s performance, and will be updated accordingly.