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What do your customers most want for their architectural and interior design glass? Unlimited design options? Vivid colors? Heat transference? Solar control? Anti-bird collision? Huge printed glass panes? With Dip-Tech’s digital glass printing solutions, you can offer all that, and more. Expand your business to larger projects, bigger customers. Advance from screen printing on glass to digital printing, and discover a new world of creative freedom and functional performance.



Printed Glass Facades - Create eye-catching, functional building facades. Print on mega-sized glass panels, or tile smaller panes for facades of any size. With customized graphics and photorealistic motifs, any glass curtain wall design can be printed, with extreme accuracy, in any colors. Dip-Tech ceramic inks are ideal for exterior glass even in punishing climates.


Climate Control - Support sustainable building, with glass printing designs that reduce solar heat gain and UV exposure, and look great too. Using dots and lines, digitally printed glass allows full control of how much light passes through, helping reduce energy costs year-round, while keeping building residents comfortable inside.


Stained Glass - Windows Recreate the classic artistry of stained-glass windows with Dip-Tech’s digital glass printing. Easily create anything from glass screens for offices to stunning details in customers’ homes. Detailed patterns, photo-realistic images, and geometric designs add long-lasting light and joy to any space – at a surprisingly reasonable cost.


Renovation Projects - Spruce up an old building with custom glass printing that maintains the original style while adding a modern twist. Revamp a home or hotel with gorgeous designs replicating materials like marble or wood. Unique, durable, and environmentally friendly, digital print is ideal for refurbishing external facades and interior elements.

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Dip-Tech technology has expanded our range of design offering solutions to our customers. It gives us more choices of expression for any graphic design, by changing colors or level of transparency, and more. With Dip-Tech, our customers can get what they really want.

SANSHIBA (Japan), Michi Yamamoto, SANSHIBA graphic design team

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Impala Glass Industries (Kenya)

Dip-Tech technique provides an unmatched quality and durability for the architectural glass. During the tempering process, ceramic frits are infused into the glass itself, providing the work with powerful resistance to scratching, acid, UV light and weather which really excites our clients knowing we have brought such solutions to address their problem

Impala Glass Industries (Kenya), Mr. H.S.Hebatullah, Director

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Toughglaze UK Ltd (UK)

We have many new products under development and feel sure Dip-Tech with its latest technology, correct support, training and guidance will be part of the company’s development to satisfy our customer’s vision. Toughglaze and Dip-Tech formed a relationship since 2011 and have completed many projects using this advanced technology.

Toughglaze UK Ltd (UK), Bharat Varsani, CEO

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