Decorative Glass for Tabletops

With digital glass printing technology, you can create truly memorable tabletop covers

Glass, and especially decorative glass created with ceramic Ceramic digital glass printing, is an ideal material for tabletops. Whether it’s a kitchen counter, dining room table, end table, round glass table tops, or work desk, Dip-Tech ceramic digital glass printing enables you to create a tabletop glass display that’s both visually stunning and highly practical.

The design possibilities are literally endless! Digital glass printing gives you the ability to produce any look you like, on glass. This includes clear, tinted or frosted effects, or if you prefer, a marble stone or real-wooden appearance. Or, you can choose any graphic design or photorealistic image you like, like a flower, map, historic site, or checkerboard.

Dip-Tech ceramic Ceramic digital glass printing can be used with glass fabricated according to your exact specifications, including shape, size, color, finishing edges and glass thickness. With all the variations, custom table tops printed with digital ceramic glass printing technology are unique and stylish, durable, and non-porous. 

During the day, natural light will make your colored glass table tops shine, while at night your decorative table top will continue to impress, catching the reflections and glints from the room’s lighting. With digital print on glass, one thing’s for certain, your table top is sure to impress.

If you have an idea, or would like some inspiration, we’re here to help you create the glass tabletop of your dreams, with Dip-Tech ceramic Ceramic digital glass printing.