Shower Doors

Printed glass shower walls and bathroom wall art

The bathroom is a central element of any living space – whether long-term in your home or temporarily at a hotel.

And while it’s true a bathroom is functional by nature, it can be so much more by design! Using decorative glass on your bathroom vanities, bathroom cabinets, shower doors, or shower screens, can give any bathroom an added lift and transform it into a calming or magical space.

You can use ceramic Ceramic digital glass printing to provide a layer of privacy on glass shower doors (including frameless shower doors) and show enclosures, for bathroom shower panel designs, bathroom wall art, or simply for decorative purposes along the bathroom walls, shower enclosures, ceiling, or windows. 

Print-on-glass designs can be meshed perfectly with existing or planned bathroom designs and can simulate any material, including wood, metal, ceramic or tile, to create the complete aesthetic you desire. Effective and resilient, with digital ceramic glass printing technology, you can create designs built to last, using durable glass print colors that are scratch, heat, and moisture resistant. 

Want to create a one-of-a-kind bathroom that’s beautiful and functional – and also easy to clean? Digital glass printing technology for glass shower walls and doors and bathroom wall art is our expertise. Consult with Vibrantz today, and we’ll help you create the bathroom of your dreams!