Wall Covers

Digital glass printing technology for distinctive wallcovering designs

Why settle for average walls, when almost any wall can be a work of art? Ceramic digital glass printing lets you create spectacular printed glass wall coverings to decorate any room in your home, office, or commercial space. With Dip-Tech’s digital ceramic glass printing technology you can commission unique, decorative wall coverings that combine design with high image quality and durability, to make any space a special place.

Get creative with your walls -- the design possibilities are endless with digital glass printing technology. Set the mood in your living room with stunning custom-designed decorative glass wall coverings; color your kitchen or even bathroom with a printed glass wall covering that’s practical, durable, and super-easy to clean. Use any image or design you want to create impressive pieces for the walls of your office space, or printed glass feature walls. Printing on glass gives you a picture-perfect look for any wall.

With custom digital glass printing technology, you can design your own interiors and make any wall into an extraordinary design element. Bring any design concept to life with amazingly rich colors and images of your choice. 

To create a custom wall covering for your home, office, or commercial space with Dip-Tech ceramic Ceramic digital glass printing – or for more decorative glass wallcovering design ideas– contact us today.