Ey Building Lobby

Printed by KH Tasarim / Istanbul / Turkey

Number of Panels: 14

Overall Square Meters: 36.69 sqm

Average glass panel size: 150/300 cm

Glass Type and Thickness: 10 mm Satina

Glass Coating (Yes/No): No


Graphic Content / Design Concept: Wood texture 3D image surface1 printing

Colors Used: single color – black

Functionality: light diffusion


Dip-Tech Digital Side1 inks have been carefully formulated, for interior glass surface applications using digital printing, to create attractive surface designs.

Ernst & Young elevators lobby is a beautiful project with wood texture 3D image surface1 printing that replicates the look of wood alongside additional patterns.

Dip-Tech technology allows for a product that serves as a beautiful textured diffuse while being very durable. "Variation of ink thickness on glass surface resulting 3D effect is impossible without Dip-Tech's digital print". This beautiful project process and graphics were developed by Elkeslasi Surface Design / Israel, glasses printed by KH Tasarim / Istanbul / Turkey

About Dip-Tech Digital Side1 Series

• Enhanced resilience; specially designed for printing on the external side of the glass
• Reduces glare and reflection
• Complies with industry standards and durability requirements