Dip-Tech & Ferro’s Bird-Safe Solutions

Glass has become the number one cause of bird mortalities around the world. Regional regulations relating to bird glass are already being issued, including in U.S. states such as California, Illinois, Maryland, New York, Oregon, and Washington, as well as Canadian provinces Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario. As awareness and regulations increase, so does the need for guidelines and design versatility.

Highly durable and weather resistant digital ceramic inks, such as Dip-Tech’s Digital Side1 inks, are the ideal solution for creating bird-safe glass. Reducing reflection and glare, they provide a visual barrier for the birds to detect the panel. Plus, with inherent digital printing advantages, they allow for more complex design patterns while adhering to the standardized guidelines of the “2x4 rule” which has been proven to significantly reduce the number of bird collisions.






Screen printing is the ideal solution when creating traditional and repetitive patterns, ideal for a bird-safe environment.

Ferro provides glass processors with two solutions: First one being the specially-developed Ferro Side 1 for Screen Print, intended to be applied on the exterior side of glass and designed in a way that would allow the ink to resist harsh conditions of the outdoors.

The second solution is multi-layer UV print. Unlike humans, birds have a fourth cone in their eyes, which allows them to see UV. Therefore, designs can be applied using UV a semi-transparent ink, more visible to birds but less to people.


In order to make sure of the efficiency of each design, Dip-Tech can help you certify a pattern through the American Bird Conservancy. Contact us for more details.ABC large transparent

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Looking for some inspiration? Check out how one architectural firm managed saving thousands of birds from colliding into a renovated façade through a unique and creative digital solution:  

Chicago Columbia College


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